A timeless modernity

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The Vincent Van Duysen firm chose the small size ultra-glossy Crogiolo Lume stoneware tiles for the styling of the Molteni&C|Dada collection, inspired by the interiors of Ignazio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa. They play a major role in recounting the designers’ architectural poetics.

Modern, sophisticated, timeless moods. The Molteni&C|Dada project inspired by Ignazio Gardella and Carlo Scarpa sets out to evoke the essence of their architecture. Creative director Vincent Van Duysen pays tribute to the genius of two major names in Italian architecture and design who, simultaneously but each in their own language, successfully viewed home design as a complex issue, where all parts must engage in a coherent dialogue. Gardella and Scarpa are sources of inspiration for Van Duysen in his interiors designed for Molteni&C|Dada through citations, details, and the materials and colours used.
His striking interior designs feature the porcelain stoneware tiles of the Marazzi Crogiolo Lume collection (6×24 cm size), used as wall covering and as backgrounds for the wall-mounted storage systems or the concealed kitchen, recounted using the two architects’ poetic language.

"Ignazio Gardella has taught us to create beautiful forms,” Vincent Van Duysen statues, “and to choose materials that give clarity to spaces thanks to their well defined proportions, as well as vibrancy and warmth, with a range of colours and materials that dialogue with subtlety, exhibiting all the elegance of simplicity.”

Thus the Crogiolo Lume wall coverings help to underline the functional yet organic organisation of space, visible in the rounded corners of the walls, which create an image of comfort, breadth and light.

"Carlo Scarpa,” Vincent Van Duysen continues, “was our inspiration for the architecture, where the clarity is underlined by the geometry of the features. A line or graphic motif links and defines geometrical forms that resemble the panelling of the traditional Japanese home.” The interiors designed for Molteni&C|Dada recall Scarpa’s typical careful attention to details and his love of brightness that evokes the surface of water. Similarly, the Crogiolo Lume tiles, with their ultra-glossy and intentionally flawed surfaces, generate vibrant reflections which give constant changeability to surfaces.
The project highlights what we can learn from these two architects who, although in different, highly individual ways, both demonstrated the ability to think independently and push back the horizons of architectural language. And to create a timeless modernity, aided by the intelligent use of materials.