The refined material effects of The Top

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Slabs for finely tailored interior design. Marazzi The Top offers a rich catalogue of solid colours and marble, concrete, stone and even metal effects. The range is now even wider thanks to the new looks, four onyxes and six marbles, two of them suitable for bookmatch installation, evoking exquisite materials that recall nature in widely varying contexts.

Large porcelain stoneware slabs for creating continuity or contrasts. Marazzi The Top is a tool at architects’ service for the realisation of kitchen countertops, backsplashes or tables and for covering walls or furnishings through customised use of its high-tech materials in different functions. The rich The Top catalogue, which includes surfaces in marble, concrete, stone and metal effects and solid colours, is ideal for creating a dialogue of materials between architectural spaces and features, such as between the living-room and kitchen, aided by antibacterial properties that increase the hygiene of surfaces in contact with food.

The Marazzi The Top catalogue is now even more extensive with four onyx material looks (in Avorio, Beige, Giada and Nero colours) and six new marble effects (Crema Marfil, Giallo Siena, Superwhite, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Tafu and Calacatta Black), two of them (Giallo Siena and Calacatta Black) suitable for bookmatch installation.

The new material looks reflect Marazzi’s meticulous research into the creation of tactile shade variations and the precise definition of the original colour. More sustainable than the equivalent natural materials – since they are manufactured in closed-cycle plants – the Crema Marfil look features the metamorphic rock’s warm beige background colour and delicate golden highlights, while Giallo Siena accurately reproduces this stone’s distinctive dark yellow background, variegated by veining from white to bright ochre, and Fior di Pesco Carnico, in subtle shades from white to greenish, with ivory, grey and pinkish veins, is a high-tech version of the Italian marble widely used throughout history in indoor locations created by architects and interior designers. The meticulous re-evocation of veining and variations in surfaces combines with outstanding physical and mechanical properties to give The Top collections their superlative quality.

The Crema Marfil, Fior di Pesco Carnico, Tafu and Calacatta Black material effects, in the 12 mm variant ideal for the construction of kitchen countertops, are manufactured with Puro Marazzi Antibacterial, a technology incorporated in the production process that protects surfaces by eliminating up to 99.9% of bacterial and other harmful microorganisms. An ideal solution for ensuring hygiene in damp locations like the coverings of kitchen countertops, sinks and tables in contact with food.