Stream Collection: the timeless stone effect

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Porcelain stoneware for floor and wall coverings that seamlessly connect indoors and outdoors

With their multiple personalities, able to interpret a wide variety of types of material, such as wood, stone, concrete and metal, ceramic tiles are now able to effectively express different styles and needs create design schemes brimming with personality, also enabling a high-impact continuity between indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Providing this link between floors and walls, indoors and outdoors, the Stream porcelain stoneware collection by Marazzi offers design with a delicate touch, a stone effect that evokes a fresh interpretation of the warm, rustic style, embracing stone's "time-worn", reassuring facets but enriching it with a more contemporary touch, thanks to the 5 floor and paving shades available.

Thanks to the depth of its surfaces, inspired by natural stone, the Stream collection expresses a timeless style with the addition of specific stylistic and functional features that make it particularly versatile.

The 5 colours of the Stream collection are offered in 4 different floor tile sizes, and in the white-body 20×50 cm size for wall tiles. The wall covering potential is also extended by the lovely three-dimensional effects of the Wind structure, and mosaics and decors with geometrical motifs and exquisite decorative touches inspired by antique marble chip tiles.

Stream is a stone-effect collection with a rich assortment of finishes, ideal for interpreting every type of style – from the most contemporary to the most classical – and with a structured finish which also makes it suitable for outdoor use.

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