A stoneware for lovers of northern European moods

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Gris du Gent expands the Mystone range of stone-look porcelain stoneware

It is inspired by a stone typical of French and northern European architecture, with a dark grey colour beautified by warmer, coppery veining: the Mystone Gris Du Gent porcelain stoneware collection is perfect for giving interiors a contemporary, but not excessively minimalist, look.

Its exquisite, rich texture will give personality to the interior floors and walls both of very modern rooms and of vintage or eclectic design schemes, created by mixing designer pieces with salvaged items, in line with the latest home decoration trends.

The StepWise™ technology used for its production gives it a smooth, silky surface, easy to care for on both walls and floors, combined with excellent performances, including outstanding slip resistance.

Although there is just one stone-look colour shade – a stippled, compact taupe achieved thanks to latest-generation inkjet technologies – for the whole collection, the sizes enable the creation of different effects, with adaptation to the various rooms in the home: 2 square sizes of 60 and 75 cm and 2 rectangular ones of 30×60 cm and 75×150 cm for the natural matt version, and 30×60 cm, 75×75 cm and 60×120 cm in the structured version with extra thickness and more grip for paving outdoor spaces, creating perfect continuity of style between indoors and outdoors.

The two mosaics available, one of them with metallic inserts to match and underline the coppery veining, are also wonderful for creating small decorative areas using the same texture as Mystone Gris du Gent porcelain stoneware itself.