Soft colours, light and decor with a Mediterranean style

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In the heart of Sorrento, Maison Marie reflects the traditional style of local 20th-century houses. The entire project’s standout feature is Crogiolo D_Segni Scaglie stoneware, which gives the rooms a strong decorative character and sophisticated touch, in harmony with the architecture

Natural light, soft colours and a holiday atmosphere. The Maison Marie B&B is located in the heart of Sorrento, overlooking Corso Italia, the historic centre’s main street. In the town centre, you walk past stone buildings and Baroque churches, stately villas and luxury hotels, 18th-century residences and colourful houses.
Passionate about their town, the young owners, husband and wife Giuseppe and Deborah, wanted their ‘maison’ to reflect the typical style of 20th-century Sorrento houses in order to recreate the hospitality and affection of the past, in keeping with the motto: “Our guests are our friends”.

Designed by Studio Associato Gargiulo, the redevelopment project covered an entire floor of an old building. “The renovation focused on restoring the floor’s original structure, including the vaulted ceilings,” explains engineer Luigi Gargiulo.
Maison Marie consists of five elegant and comfortable double rooms, three of which have a balcony overlooking Corso Italia. They are all en-suite. “Since they are more than 5 metres high, we have inserted iron and natural wood lofts in the rooms with a flat ceiling,” Gargiulo continues.

Wishing to create a stylish domestic atmosphere, in consultation with the owners, the surfaces feature soft, bright and shiny tones. The stylistic choice was to reproduce the classic finishes of Sorrento houses with granulated marble tile flooring. To achieve this, porcelain stoneware was used both on the floor and for the bathroom wall coverings. The standout feature of the entire project is the Crogiolo D_Segni Scaglie collection in the White and Yellow colour versions and 20×20 cm size, combined with various Tappeto decors, creating a decorative effect that harmonises with the architectural and interior design elements. “We opted for a different decorative theme in each room, both in the private rooms and in the common areas, and we also decided to add subtle touches with porcelain stoneware on the lift floor and on the coffee tables on the rooms’ balconies,” concludes Gargiulo. The decorative and versatile touch of Crogiolo D_Segni Scaglie made the interior unique and personal, giving Maison Marie a strong, yet sophisticated visual impact that is perfect for a Mediterranean atmosphere.