Silkstone: tactile pleasure

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The Silkstone collection draws its inspiration from the sophisticated mix of two fine natural materials: stone and silk.

The Silkstone collection draws its inspiration from the sophisticated mix of two fine natural materials: stone and silk. Stone is interpreted as a further combination of silk georgette marble, in the travertine family, and tiger’s eye, a type of quartz. They both recall silk in both feel and appearance, although in different ways. The distinctive vein patterns of silk georgette are reproduced to convey depth and character through a slight relief texture, while the delicate brown and golden shades of tiger’s eye are the basis for the patterning and some colour variants. A sophisticated combination, translated into ceramic tiles in the Silkstone collection. The range of colours comprises mainly the warm shades of Cream, Caramel, Honey and Cocoa, completed by the colder tones of Pearl, Silver and Tourmaline. The distinction between warm and cold shades is underlined by the sophisticated choice of names, which actively involves the senses, with the aim of reinforcing the emotional overtones intentionally associated to this product. All the warm shades (Cream, Caramel, Honey and Cocoa) stimulate the sense of taste, recalling the strong flavours of some ingredients of confectionery and desserts. The cold shades speak to the senses of touch and sight, referring to precious materials, pearls, silver and blue tourmaline (a very rare precious stone). The sense of touch is further emphasised by the “silky” glaze applied to the surface, a key feature of this product. Sensory appeal, experimentation and exploration are this collection’s key concepts. The range of colours is well balanced, with atmospheres that fit mainly into the Soft Design mood.The Silkstone home contains bathrooms with personalities whose strength depends on the colour combinations used. Atmospheres that make the bathroom a place where it is pleasant to spend time pampering oneself and relaxing. – Cream and Caramel for a bathroom in more traditional style; – Caramel and Cocoa for warm atmospheres with a decided personality; – Honey and Cocoa for a contemporary vintage contrast; for a room where eastern fragrances, essences and perfumes mix with the product; – Pearl and Silver for simple, minimalist bathrooms; – Pearl and Tourmaline for gleaming, refined, sophisticated atmospheres. The theme of silk is also extended to the assortment of decorative tiles, with a variety of declinations and interpretations. Zari Decorative tile Honey, Cream, Pearl and Tourmaline variants. This decorative tile’s motif is drawn from the sari, the traditional form of women’s clothing widely worn in India. The fundamental decorative feature of the sari is the zari, a thread traditionally of gold or silver, woven into the silk fabrics to create patterns that give the sari’s brocade a distinctive, rich personality. In Silkstone, the zari concept is expressed through a geometrical pattern created with precious materials that imitate the gold and silver threads woven into the silk. Its shade varies depending on the colour variant on which it is used. Although horizontal laying, in both friezes and panels, is recommended, this decorative tile’s surface pattern is also designed to allow vertical installation. Kimono Decorative tile Caramel, Cream, Pearl and Tourmaline variants. The kimono is Japan’s traditional costume. The ideal fabric for making a kimono is silk, compulsory for wear on formal occasions. Kimonos may be decorated with single or repeated motifs. For women, floral motifs predominate, and they have been chosen for the Silkstone series. Floral and natural motifs, in extremely precious materials, overlap to imitate the effect of the printing typical of the kimono. This tile is mainly intended for horizontal laying, but the decorative motif also runs in a vertical direction. Tulle Decorative tile Cocoa, Honey, Caramel, Tourmaline and Silver variants. The tulle structure recalls that of silk drapery. The delicate vein patterns of the stone that inspired the series adds to the product’s soft effect and highlights Silk Georgette’s typical characteristics. Used to lighten the severity of the plain tiles, it is available in monochrome or graduated shade combinations, for the creation of simple, minimalist design schemes: – in the Honey, Caramel and Silver variants, in combination with the plain tile of the same colour, laid in panels, it emphasises key parts of the bathroom; – in the Tourmaline variant, laid in a frieze in combination with the Pearl plain tile, it brings a special character to the zone above the washbasin; this surface structure is strictly for horizontal laying. Rose Decorative Tile Cream and Pearl variants. This decorative tile is inspired by the silks of Como, a city world-famous for its highquality output. The “rose” motif is interpreted as hand-painted, giving emphasis to the depth of patterning of the plain tile. The motif has been styled to allow both horizontal and vertical laying: horizontal for a soft design, romantic mood, and vertical, combined with riser and chair rail tiles, for a more classical design scheme. This decorative tile is inkjet printed and is suitable for a wide variety of uses: – in whole panels to provide added decoration of large surfaces within the bathroom and imitate the effect of wallpaper, especially when laid vertical in combination with the plain tile and trims; – in friezes to decorate the zone above the washbasin; The assortment of decorative pieces available is completed with a 30×30 mosaic in all the colour variants, in which rectangular dots of the plain tile alternate with other dots decorated with the application of precious materials, effectively expressing the simple yet sophisticated character of this series. Photogallery and details on our website