Rediscovering the senses and shared memories

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Rediscovering the senses and shared memories - 1

The nine Crogiolo collections convey the spirit of craftsmanship and the ceramic tradition intrinsic to small tiles, in an industrial product. From the shine of Lume to the silky, semi-matt surfaces of Confetto and the rich decor and tactile touches of Rice, Crogiolo is an anthem to imperfection

Rediscovering ceramics with a hand-crafted aesthetic and strong shade variation. Ancient skills handed down into industrial processes, keeping faith with the material’s origins and tradition. This is Crogiolo by Marazzi, the collection of small-size ceramic and porcelain stoneware tiles with a many-faceted identity, which evokes the flawed beauty of hand-craftsmanship. The Crogiolo offering is constantly extended in scope and variety. There are no fewer than nine collections: the ultra-glossy Lume; the semi-matt three-dimensional Memoria; the white, blue and floral decors of Rice; the square size of Zellige; the Mediterranean majolica look of Scenario; and the geometrical or floral cement tiles of D_Segni. Intended in particular for use on floors, the D_Segni tiles include three variations: Blend, with 16 different decors; Scaglie, inspired by Venetian Seminato; and Colore, comprising four different patterns and a decor system of 15 carpet-motif tiles.

Confetto is the latest addition to the collection. Its special feature is its semi-matt surface, with a silky or “sugary” feel (“confetto” is Italian for “sugared almond”). It is produced in a wide assortment of 12 warm and cool colours and in two modular sizes, 5x15 cm and 10x10 cm. The choice available is extended by an original three-dimensional structure – Savoiardo – available in the 5x15 cm size, in all 12 colours. The texture is inspired by the historic Canne d’Organo collection, designed for Marazzi by Nino Caruso in the early Seventies. Savoiardo features a slight rounded dimple in its centre, which creates light and shade effects depending on how the light strikes the surface. This three-dimensional effect highlights its distinctively uneven surface and its evocation of the hand-made look. By alternating its flat and recessed tiles and juxtaposing its multiple sizes, Confetto can be used creatively to form vibrant variegated walls, while its semi-matt finish, which softly absorbs the light, gives the surface an impression of velvety warmth. Confetto is ideal not only for any room in the home, from the bathroom to the bedroom, but also for contract projects, for covering large areas or for use in selected zones to highlight architectural features.


With an aesthetic immune to fashion, Lume has become a “classic” of the Crogiolo collection, more and more widely used in interior design, for covering equipped walls, on floors in alternated installation patterns to create carpet looks or iridescent surfaces, or as the wall covering for kitchen compositions, partitions and bathrooms. From the HoReCa sector to residential contexts, Lume is able to provide deep, glossy shade variations and the irregularity of hand-made tiles in the 6x24 cm size, available in 12 colours.

The Rice collection, on the other hand, combines shine and an air of craftsmanship with 3D effects and variegated decors. The 7.5x20 cm and 5x15 cm rectangular size can be combined with the 15x15 cm square modular to match and alternate dimensions. Rice also comes in a Pleat version and in many nature-inspired patterns to provide tactile accents on walls, created through installation patterns as well as by alternating decors.

In general, Crogiolo’s multiple collections evoke a return to the senses and materials shaped by human hands. Manufacturing traditions and their identifying features from the collective memory return to the fore. Adding vibrancy to space, setting free a creativity that extends beyond styles and periods.