Raised paving system with extra-thick stoneware

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The raised paving system in 20mm porcelain stoneware floor tiles is a high technical performance and high aesthetic value solution, especially suitable for outdoor areas

The raised paving system comprises modular elements for the creation of floorings for the most varied uses. For indoor areas, thanks to its lightness and its dry installation throughout, it is a highly efficient technology which allows the creation, beneath the surface of the paving, of a continuous void that can house all the utility systems.

This is essential, most of all, in smart buildings where the raised floor allows home automation; another application sector which cannot be neglected is the repurposing of existing buildings, because of its usage flexibility, its easy and fast installation and the diversified range of wall coverings.

Another sector in which the raised paving system is being increasingly used, thanks to the development of high-performance technologies, is outdoor pavings. The current installation systems, in fact, allow a perfect continuity between indoor and outdoor pavings, enabling the creation of fine surfaces even on patios, outdoor areas and public spaces.

Outdoors, the raised paving system is a solution composed of various elements where stoneware slabs 20mm thick are lain on specific pedestals in polypropylene, which are mainly made in recyclable and recycled material and withstand acid and alkali solutions, weather and thermal shock. Outdoor pedestals are designed to be height-adjustable (from a minimum of 2.2 cm to a maximum, recommended by Marazzi, of 10 cm) and have accessories which allow correction of the gradient up to a maximum of 5%.

This type of installation allows the construction of floating floors which, thanks to the pedestals, allow the creation of cavities in various heights, which guarantee the ventilation of lower layers, the absence of mould and residual humidity, and easy disposal, maintenance and alteration of the utility systems.
As for outdoor areas, the raised paving system is very flexible and can be installed over any type of paving, on single or double layer waterproofing membranes or on asphalt.

The proven experience in the field of wall coverings allowed Marazzi to provide a very wide range of extra-thick, 20 mm, porcelain stoneware finishes, which are perfect for raised paving systems: for example the tactile wood or stone effect, the elegant marble  effect, the traditional terracotta effect or the innovative concrete effect, which can satisfy any design or creative requirement. Marazzi’s extra-thick stoneware is available in different rectangular sizes- 40×120 cm and 50×100 cm – and in square sizes such as the 60×60 cm and the new 50×50 cm and 80×80 cm.