Modern spaces and sophisticated materials for a dental clinic in the Basque capital

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In the project for the Clínica Dental Anatômia in Bilbao, Fernando Vera of Lucio Diseño uses a variety of materials, creating a contemporary interior: in the foyer, the Marazzi Grande and The Top Marble Look slabs in Capraia colour define the spaces with their strong colours.

In the heart of Bilbao, one of the Spanish cities most popular with tourists and a contemporary art mecca, also famous for its wonderful Guggenheim Museum Bilbao designed by visionary American architect Frank Gehry, interior designer Fernando Vera of Lucio Diseño has created and developed the new concept of the Clínica Dental Anatômia, innovative dental centre of excellence at c/ Rodríguez Arias 60.

The interiors were customised in response to the client’s needs and wishes: large and attractive, with simple, modern furnishings. The foyer features floors and walls in wood and porcelain stoneware incorporating light fittings that emit blades of light to create chiaroscuro interplays, emphasising specific details of the interior. For the striking reception counter, Fernando Vera chose to cover the sides with the large-size 120×240 cm slabs of the Grande Marble Look Capraia, with glossy finish and 6 mm thickness, while he clad the top with the The Top  Grande Marble Look collection in the same colour and finish, but in the 162×324 cm size and 12 mm thickness. This material reproduces all the beauty of marble, here with contrasting veining skilfully re-created by Marazzi using sophisticated technologies and processes, for tailor-made interior design projects. The lamellar light fitting embedded in the base and top of the counter emphasises and enhances its design and material. The walls of the reception area and washrooms were also finished with the Grande Marble Look collection, chosen for its large size, minimal thickness and outstanding light weight, ductility and strength, characteristics which provided the architect with a high degree of compositional freedom and enabled eye-catching colour contrasts.


Photographer: Erlantz Biderbost