Memoria, a timeless memory

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The Crogiolo Memoria collection restores the ceramic tradition to us in tiles with a hand-crafted look, achieving three-dimensional surfaces, light and shade interplays, subtle patterning and glossy and matt contrasts. For a contemporary style that is not retro.

Aesthetic impressions of bygone days. Decors that reference a timeless past and mix decorative motifs typical of historic ceramics with two-colour contrasts, in a journey from Delft to Faenza, from Moroccan pottery to traditional southern Italian majolica ware. This is the new Memoria series in the Crogiolo collection, characterised by a forceful return to the beauty of pieces shaped by human hands, beyond styles and time.

Memoria pushes the narrative power of surfaces to new heights. Available in the single 15×15 cm size, it combines ultra-glossy tiles with evocations of the classical decors of the ceramic tradition. Surfaces have two different backgrounds: semi-matt in Bianco, Blu and Nero for the “plain” tiles and the three-dimensional structure decor, and ultra-glossy for the five decorative motifs, which are geometrical or more organic, naturalistic or more abstract in Bianco/Blu or Bianco/Nero versions.

The intentionally flawed surfaces, highlighted by light/dark transitions and graduated graphics, recall the changeable nature of hand-made ceramics, in spite of the industrial production process used. This wizardry is particularly effective in the tile’s three-dimensional variant. Available in the 3 colours, Bianco, Blu and Nero, this motif gives even greater vibrancy to the surface. The free combination of the different surfaces, which dialogue in size and colours, shrugs off the retro effect to create a striking, contemporary style.

Crogiolo Memoria inspires creative applications on walls, floors, countertops and bespoke furnishings. The collection bears witness to Marazzi’s constant research and technological innovation, focusing on new home design and lifestyle trends, continuing the experimentation of Crogiolo, Marazzi’s Eighties research centre, founded to invent fresh applications and decorative techniques for ceramic tiles, in partnership with photographers, theorists and illustrators.

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