Majolica-effect tiles and a new look for the Maréna Beach

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The Crogiolo Scenario collection has been used to renovate the interior of a beach club on the Romagna Riviera.

Recently renovated under the direction of Gruppo Lithos Architettura, Maréna Beach is a beach club with a restaurant located in Lido di Savio, a stretch of coastline that for many Italians has represented (and still represents) the quintessential Italian holiday.

Its renovation pays homage to years of carefree memories thanks to an interior design that masterfully combines contemporary materials, vintage-style patterns, modern furnishings and retro elements.


The choice of majolica-effect stoneware in the Crogiolo Scenario collection proved perfect for symbolically linking the past with the present: the restaurant’s interior floor is covered with single-colour blue tiles bordering a blue and white decorative carpet, colours which are also featured in some of the wall decoration details.

The 20×20 size of Scenario, a series featuring the graphic design of I Pennellati, a historic collection from the Marazzi archives designed by Venerio Martini in 1958, makes it possible to create endlessly repeated decorations and geometric patterns, including in a black & white version.
In this case, the chosen pattern repeats white circles on a coloured background, however the collection offers numerous creative possibilities thanks to 2 more carpets and 1 pattern mix solution.

Scenario’s special feature is the opacity of its surface, which offers a contemporary take on the brushstroke effect typical of traditional majolica tiles.


The combination of tiles with a vintage mood and wood, the material chosen for both the outdoor floor and the interior furnishings of the Maréna Beach, is also very striking.

Porcelain stoneware once again proves to be an excellent choice of material that can imbue a space with character thanks to its stylistic versatility, while also guaranteeing high hygiene and quality standards thanks to its technical performance.
These are all essential qualities for a business that directly deals with the public.

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Interior design and photography:

Gruppo Lithos Architettura