Living & Kitchen: The Penthouse

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In the late 19th century, the American upper middle class began to move from single-family villas in the suburbs to large flats in the central areas of major cities.

This gradually led to the architectural concept of penthouses, large apartments often located on the top floors of residential buildings, which became popular in the 1920s, when economic growth and the expansion of the construction industry in America were at its peak.

Penthouses are distinguished by their location, which is often exclusive, their considerable size – covering many hundreds of square metres and sometimes corresponding to the total size of an entire floor of the building –, and, above all, by their high-quality fittings.

This type of home inspired the preview in which, with a contemporary twist, a large living area with a sweeping view of the city is presented in two versions. A modern space in which the large fireplace becomes the central element linking the relaxation area and the functional space of the kitchen facing it.

Colour returns in the first version. The soft glaze reminiscent of Crogiolo Rice handmade majolica tiles in the Blu colour and Lux finish covers the fireplace.
The Mystone Travertino Navona series completes the large floor and wall surfaces, featuring the striking shades and veining of the Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu slabs.
Grande Marble Look Capraia proves to be the ideal solution for covering the kitchen block and worktop, while the soft 12 mm-thick Grande Solid Color Look White Satin collection was chosen for the snack table.

In the second version light is refracted onto Crogiolo Rice, Bianco and Natural Lux tiles, which define the fireplace wall.
Mystone Travertino Classico slabs, which come in a 3D finish, are laid on the wall and evocative, tactile Oltre wood, in the Sand colour, defines the large surface of the flooring. In harmony with the light shades of the interior design, the kitchen block and Top are covered with the Grande Stone Look Limestone texture in the Sand colour.

Concept and Interior Design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

The Penthouse A Grande + Mystone + Rice

Floor: M9EL Mystone Travertino Navona Rett. 60×120

Wall: M96R Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 5×15
M9CD Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blue Faccia A Lux Rett. 160×320 6 mm
M9CE Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu Faccia B Lux Rett. 160×320 6 mm

Kitchen Top: M0ZH Grande Marble Look Capraia Faccia A Lux 162×324 12 mm
M5HV Grande Marble Look Capraia Faccia B Lux 162×324 12 mm

Table: M11T Grande Solid Color Look White Satin 162×324 12 mm

The Penthouse B Rice + Mystone + Grande

Floor: M9DN Oltre Sand Rett. 22,5×180

Wall: M96N Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 5×15
M96P Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 5×15
M9HP Mystone Travertino Classico Struttura Scalpello 3D Rett. 60×120
M9EK Mystone Travertino Classico 60×120

Kitchen Top: M9DN Grande Stone Look Limestone Sand 162×324