Living & Kitchen: The One Room Apartment

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Small flats are still a must in big cities.

Not only are they more affordable, but it is also easier to manage a small space, optimising it to ensure nothing is left out, and indeed very small homes with compact dimensions prove to be elegant, innovative and smart. From the USA to Europe and Japan, many architects and designers have tried their hand at designing micro-homes. With their curious shapes, futuristic design and unusual locations, micro-spaces now boast every kind of comfort. 
They are urban refuges in which even small spaces have a bold character. Colours play a key role, as the two proposed releases show.

In the first version, the kitchen backsplash is characterised by irregular, luminescent tiles from the Crogiolo Zellige series in the Argilla colour. The wall adjacent to the kitchen is coloured blue thanks to the installation of the Grande Resin Look collection in the Silky finish. Crogiolo D_Segni Blend Carbone Tappeto concludes the wall solutions, while the floor surfaces rediscover the naturalness of oak wood from the Vero collection.

The second release features softer, more natural shades.
Crogiolo Rice Pleat 3D and Crogiolo Rice, both in Grigio in the Lux finish, are the collections laid on the wall, creating a harmonious combination of similar textures with different vibes.
The Mystone Travertino collection was chosen for the kitchen backsplash in the Silver colour, which continues to define the back wall in the 3D finish. The floor features the Oltre collection in the Natural colour.

Concept and Interior Design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

One Room Apartment Crogiolo + Grande + Vero

Floor: M7AW Vero Quercia 22,5×180

Wall: M5QC Crogiolo Zellige Argilla Lux 10×10
M7GZ Grande Resin Look Blu Silky Rett. 120×278
M60W Crogiolo D_Segni Blend Carbone Tappeto 10 25×20

One Room Apartment Crogiolo + Mystone + Oltre

Floor: M9DM Oltre Natural 22,5×180

Wall: M96K Crogiolo Rice Grigio Struttura Pleat 3D Lux 7,5×20
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 5×15
M9EM Mystone Travertino Silver 60×120
M9HR Mystone Travertino Silver Struttura Scalpello 3D 60×120