Living & Kitchen: The Cottage

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The rediscovered focal point of the home, the place where the family meets every day. The memory not only of country homes from rural England but also of the many types of farmhouse found across Italy. The design preview offers a backdrop for a new, fresh, contemporary approach to home life.

The charm of another type of house that has influenced architecture for many centuries returns: the cottage, a country house that originated in rural England. These houses, which were often inhabited by large families, were centred around the hearth and kitchen. In contemporary homes, the kitchen has expanded to include living spaces. Everything is designed to optimally cater for the family’s many activities. This is where meals are prepared and shared, people study and work, and friends are welcomed. This is the most representative place in the home, the main stage for domestic life.

The first version is inspired by the minimalism of Northern European spaces.
The small sizes of Crogiolo Rice in the Bianco colour, in the Decoro Leaf Lux version and in the Blu colour cover the walls of this modern cottage. Grande Marble Look Golden White Satin gives the kitchen space a seamless look by covering the backsplash and the top of the snack table, which extends the support surfaces. On the floor, the naturalness of wood is fully expressed with the installation of slabs from the Oltre collection in Sand colour.

The second version has a Mediterranean flavour.
The Mystone Travertino Navona collection, Pannello Botanico, and Mystone Travertino Silver, in the 3D Structure, define the wall decor. Mystone Travertino Silver has also been laid on the floors and gives the space a pleasant feeling of unity and coherence. The Grande Concrete Look Crete collection was chosen for both the kitchen backsplash and the snack table top.

Concept and interior design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

The Cottage Rice + Grande + Oltre

Floor: M9DN Oltre Sand 22,5×180

Wall: M96N Crogiolo Rice Bianco Lux 5×15
M96T Crogiolo Rice Bianco Decoro Leaf Lux 5×15
M964 Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 15×15

Table and backsplash: M0ZY Grande Marble Look Golden White Satin 160×320
M0ZR Grande Marble Look Golden White Satin 160×324

The Cottage Mystone + Grande

Floor: M99S Mystone Travertino Silver 90×180

Wall: M9HR Mystone Travertino Silver Struttura Scalpello 3D 60×120
M9P7 Mystone Travertino Navona Pannello Botanico 120×120

Table and backsplash: M0TU Grande Concrete Look Crete 162×324
M0TX Grande Concrete Look Crete 160×320