The irregular beauty of Rice

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The Marazzi technology creates Rice, a new porcelain stoneware wall covering with a handmade air, for the Crogiolo catalogue. Three small sizes, four colours and four decors for a collection with an imperfect beauty that calls out to be touched.

The Marazzi Crogiolo catalogue now embraces a new chapter, the Rice collection, an expansion of the technical-aesthetic investigation of industrial craftsmanship and small tile sizes

The beauty of imperfection and the emotional power of the patina created by time: both are provided by walls created with Rice, the new porcelain stoneware wall coverings on which technology bestows a stunning handmade look.

The dense, uneven, tactile surfaces call out to be touched.

The finish is glossy, slightly satiny, with a soft glaze that conveys all the character of handmade majolica ware.

The very subtle changes in colour tone, shadowing, chiaroscuro effects and imperceptible variations in concave-convex form, with minimal hollows and sudden, equally small, bulges in the material, all ensure that no two modules are identical. Around the edges some tiles have grainy, sugary surfaces, or chipping, for an even more vibrant effect when installed on walls, with minimal joints thanks to the rectified edges.

The sizes available combine with these irregularities to give surfaces an attractively rhythmic pattern: the collection expands the Crogiolo offering of sizes (all modular), adding 5×15 cm and 7.5×20 cm to the existing 15×15 cm.

The Rice colour assortment comprises four shades: Blu, Grigio, Bianco and Natural.

The latter, the most neutral version, in particular, highlights the “flaws” incorporated in the surface decoration, including pitting, traces of contaminants, and grooves.

The collection also features four decorative variants. The Pleat 3D structure brings variety to the surface with its finely pleated texture, only in the 7.5×20 cm size; the Leaf decor offers a kind of naïf herbarium, with 46 motifs at random on 5×15 cm modules; and Blossom comprise macro-sized stylised flowers and leaves (16 motifs) with areas of solid colour. The decors are completed by the Garden Panel of 60×90 cm, consisting of 24 pieces in 15×15 cm size with digital third-firing decoration on a white background; it is inspired by the world of wallpaper design with a delightful floral composition.