The hybrid space between a bed and a desk

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Exchange of ideas between designers. The bathroom ‘designed’ as an indispensable element for every hotel room. Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli discuss its main design evolutions, while Terri Pecora emphasizes its focus on the atmosphere and people’s well-being.

Meneghello Paolelli Associati

“A room such as the bathroom, which is generally small, involves various elements: fixtures and a shower or bathtub area, taps, wall coverings and furnishings, characterised by a multitude of different production processes and materials. Each of these have evolved considerably over the last twenty years. For example, plumbing systems have eliminated floor drains, attachment systems for bathroom fixtures and toilet flushing systems (rimless) have changed and, finally, the industrial world has optimised water consumption, gradually replacing bathtubs with showers. The hotel industry has introduced an unparalleled innovation by integrating the bathroom into the bedroom or living room. Built-in bathtubs have been replaced by transparent shower solutions that face the bedroom. Bathtubs, when included, are freestanding and inserted in the living room. While the cabinet and washbasin area become an island that divides the space from the bar or desk area.
Stoneware is still the most popular covering for this room. In the near future we imagine it as a tool not only for decorating, but also for telling stories, moving in a direction similar to wallpaper’s transformation in the last decade.”


Terri Pecora

“The ‘designed’ bathroom has now become an indispensable part of every new house and hotel room. Many people understand the importance of making it both a special place to spend time and a room for showing off when guests arrive! I think this change has happened in every sector, from commercial to domestic. And that it relates to the coverage this topic has received in the press. It is a place focused on design, aesthetics and interior trends, but also on social changes relating to personal care and hygiene, as well as the need for more sustainable and environmentally responsible products.

Hotel bathrooms have undergone the most profound transformation. Even the most modest establishments offer bathrooms that are carefully designed, from fixtures to showers or bathtubs, taps and finishes. Lighting seems to be in a stage of transformation because of the increased focus on mood and well-being.

Today is a special time for porcelain stoneware tiles. When it comes to interiors, there is a strong trend towards colour, graphic decoration and vintage references. All solutions that are catered for by the market. It is also increasingly used in other rooms, such as bedrooms or living rooms that feature covered walls. And I really like the effect.”