Horeca: Rooftop

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Cities have rediscovered a fifth facade: rooftops.

The race to build upwards has led to the desire to see a new, different urban skyline. Many terraced roofs or floors dedicated to rooftop plant have been converted into beautiful terraces, and in the case of restaurants and hotels, into rooftop bars: offering breathtaking views, sophisticated cocktails and refined cuisine. This is the solution chosen for many of the best-known bars in big cities, which have reconfigured top floors and terraces into outdoor lounges and garden spaces.

This first version features a more urban, contemporary vibe. The decor tiles of the Crogiolo Rice collection (Blossom and Leaf) in the Lux finish, and the small square size of Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux, define the back wall of the bar and bar counter. The floor covering of the bar area features planks of the wood-effect Oltre collection, in the colour Sand. The outdoor space, meanwhile, shows off the textured finish of Mystone Ceppo Di Gré slabs, in Grey.

The use of the Grande Marble Look collection inspired by various types of marble, gives this second proposal a timeless quality. Grande Marble Look Verde Aver, Capraia, Frappuccino, Calacatta Vena Vecchia and Onyx White, all in the Lux finish, design the surfaces of the floor and the back wall of the bar, which contrast with the large wall composed of small size tiles from the Crogiolo Lume Green collection. The outdoor area is paved using the wood-look stoneware planks of the Vero collection, in the Rovere Grip finish.

Concept and interior design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

Rooftop A – Rice + Oltre + Mystone

Floor: M9DN Oltre Sand 22,5×80 cm
M9JF Mystone Ceppo di Gré Grey 120×120 cm

Wall and bar block: M9JD Crogiolo Rice Decoro Blossom Lux 15×15 cm
M96Q Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm
M963 Crogiolo Rice Grigio Lux 15×15 cm

Rooftop B – Grande + Vero + Lume

Floor: M9D0 Grande Marble Look Verde Aver Lux 120×278 cm
M0ZP Grande Marble Look Capraia Faccia A Lux 160×320 cm
M105 Grande Marble Look Golden White Lux 160×320 cm
M10D Grande Marble Look Frappuccino Lux 160×320 cm
M7GF Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia Lux 160×320 cm
M7CN Vero Rovere Grip 20×120 cm

Wall: M6RQ Crogiolo Lume Green Lux 6×24 cm
M9D0 Grande Marble Look Verde Aver Lux 120×278 cm

Bar block: M9D1 Grande Marble Look Onyx White Lux 120×278 cm