Horeca: Hotel Lobby

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Step into a hotel, above all big city hotels, and you will see more and more people working and sharing their time there, seated in the lobby and other communal areas that have become a “destination”.

The lobby is like an enclosed piazza; a small, exclusive space. Attracting clientele from the city, as well as hotel guests, for an aperitif or a business meeting, it often has a seductive atmosphere which is also the result of sophisticated interpretations of the local identity and style. The inspiration for this interior design solution comes from grand Middle Eastern buildings: hence, a space flooded with natural light, housing the hall and reception area – a monolithic structure entirely covered in ceramics –, and the bar. It is a transition space between inside and outside, public but reserved and intimate at the same time.

The monolithic reception desk, covered with Sodalite Blu slabs in the Lux finish from the Grande Marble Look collection, looks out over the spacious hall whose boundary is delineated by a large back feature wall, characterised by gleaming rectangular tiles in the 5×15 size, also in the colour Blu Lux from the Crogiolo Rice collection. The floor, meanwhile, features Grande Concrete Look large slabs in the Smoke colour.

There is a change of tone in the second version, which is covered with travertine-inspired slabs from the Mystone Travertino collection in the colour Silver combined with the 3D finish, in the same colour. On the floor, the stoneware planks of the new Oltre collection enhance the natural beauty of wood, here in the colour Natural. The monolithic desk is covered with Grande Metal Look Corten.

Concept and interior design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio 


Lobby Hotel A – Rice + Grande

Floor: M0TW Grande Concrete Look Smoke 16×320 cm

Wall: M969 Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 7,5×20 cm
M96R Crogiolo Rice Blu Lux 5×15 cm
M9CD Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu Faccia A Lux 160×320 cm
M9CE Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu Faccia B Lux 160×320 cm

Hotel desk: M9CD Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu Faccia A Lux 160×320 cm
M9CE Grande Marble Look Sodalite Blu Faccia B Lux 160×320 cm

Lobby Hotel B – Rice + Grande + Mystone + Oltre

Floor: M9DM Oltre Natural 22,5×180 cm

Wall: M9U8 Grande Resin Look Rosso Silky 120×278 cm
M99S Mystone Travertino Silver 90×180 cm
M9HR Mystone Travertino Silver Struttura Scalpello 3D 60×120 cm

Bar block and top: M9E5 Crogiolo Rice Decoro Garden 45×60 cm Modulo A
M9E6 Crogiolo Rice Decoro Garden 45×60 cm Modulo B
​M9D1 Grande Marble Look Onix White Lux 120×278 cm

Hotel desk: M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 cm