Horeca: Café Littéraire

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The 16th Century saw the birth of the first literary cafés or “coffee houses”, places where people used to meet to drink coffee and discuss politics and cultural and social affairs. This social interchange gradually became an established intellectual and cultural habit

In the 18th Century, coffee houses became the symbol of urban middle class culture and they were the favourite meeting-place of the intellectuals of the time. To create a contemporary location with the same values, the bistro-bar is transformed into an intimate, homely setting, a place not only for listening to good music or attending events but which also provides the level of seclusion and privacy required for solitary reading or a chat with friends.

The interior architecture highlights this dualism: the big steps completely clad with ceramic tiles, also suitable for use as a stage, and the large alcove bookcase, the ideal context for small working meetings. The new literary café concept is completed by an outdoor patio accessed via large sliding glass doors, intended for musical evenings.

The first version of the design preview focuses on textures with natural colours. The inspiration is from stone facings, with their compact tactile appeal and timeless strength.
Mystone Limestone slabs, in Sand and Ivory shades, are installed on the floor. The chosen wall covering, on the other hand, consists of Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia slabs, in Lux finish, and the small tiles, with glossy, slightly satiny glaze, of the Crogiolo Lume collection, in Musk shade.

The second version has a stronger personality.
The geometrical patterns of the floor are created by the colours Crogiolo Scenario nero Decoro Mix, while the large steps are characterised by the metallic texture of the Grande Metal Look collection, in the Corten finish. On the walls, the uneven glossy shine and small size of the Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux tiles are combined with the 3D Natural Lux and Nero Decoro Mix finishes in the same collection.

Concept and interior design: Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

Café Littéraire Mystone + Grande + Crogiolo

Floor: M9HC Mystone Limestone Sand 120×120 cm

Wall: M9HE Mystone Limestone Ivory 60×120 cm

Tables: M7GF Grande Marble Look Calacatta Vena Vecchia Lux 160×320 cm

Kitchen top: M6RS Crogiolo Lume Musk 6×24 cm
M9A7 Grande Wood Look Rovere Francese Satin 162×324 cm

Café Littéraire Grande + Crogiolo

Floor: M8RK Crogiolo Scenario Nero Decoro Mix 20×20 cm

Wall: M967 Crogiolo Rice Natural Lux 7,5×20 cm
M96J Crogiolo Rice Natural Struttura Pleat 3D Lux 7,5×20 cm

Tables: M99X Grande Metal Look Corten 162×324 cm

Kitchen top: M6YS Grande Stone Look Granito Black Satin 160×320 cm
M68Z Grande Stone Look Granito Black Satin 162×324 cm