Grande, boundless imagination

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Large porcelain stoneware slabs expand the already extensive collection with new marble, stone, resin and metal-look solutions. The “Persian” pattern by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel has been added to the Grand Carpet catalogue. For rooms with evocative coverings and furnishings.

A restyled range for the Grande collection, which now appears to have an even wider range of solutions and impressive effects. In addition to new stone and marble-effect surfaces, the catalogue also includes trendy colored resins, new metals and the special Grand Carpet collection, a pattern designed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel that evokes a Persian carpet motif replicated on a large scale.

Grande’s new catalogue is an inspirational tool for designing a wide variety of spaces, ranging from residential to hospitality, offices, public spaces and high-traffic contract spaces, from indoor and outdoor applications to facade cladding, including ventilated facades. The Grande collection has expanded its range in terms of style and eclectic solutions, including tailor-made applications.

The large-size slabs are available in four sizes (120×120, 120×240, 120×278 and 160×320 cm) with a thickness of 6 mm, designed to create a multitude of different effects: from the timeless beauty of marbles to the noblest Seminato, from the spontaneous elegance of the rarest stones to colorful, tactile resins, and from the subtle textured shades of concrete to the mineral allure of metals. Porcelain stoneware surfaces in which beauty meets the performance of Marazzi technologies and the ecological quality of the entire production cycle, certified to the highest international standards, which help buildings obtain LEED® credits.

Grande now offers an even more extensive range: 29 Marble Look variants, from the finest marble to Terrazzo with a glossy, matt or satin finish, including the new Bianco Arni, Verde Cipollino, Verde Borgogna and Quarzo Bluegrey. The Stone Look is complemented by the five variants already in the collection and the new Limestone Ivory and Sand solutions. The Resin Look variants feature the new Verderame, Azzurro, Vinaccia, Senape and Bluette colors, bringing the number of options to 13, creating colour and tactile textures that are ideal for covering not only walls, but also floors and furnishings. There are six new Concrete Look shades for a personal interpretation of rooms with a “raw” effect reminiscent of urban lofts. Finally, there are 3 Metal Look options, including the new Corten, exploring the mineral appeal of metals.