Grande: big sizes, big performances

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The collection of large-size slabs permits a wide range of different applications, from small-scale furnishings to architectural scales, from interiors to exteriors. Grande: a tangible and creative tool in the hands of the designer.

We live in a fluid modern world where the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, between working and domestic environments, are increasingly blurred. Far removed from the traditional functional subdivision of rooms, domestic layouts, but also the plans of offices or hotel rooms, prioritise flexible solutions with light or even temporary partitions. Interior design is often determined by materials, the continuity between one room and another, between the interior and exterior, between the floor and wall covering.

Large-size slabs can provide a solution to the most complex design problems. The Grande collection of 6 mm-thick porcelain stoneware comes in the rectified measurements 120×120, 120×240, 120×278 and 160×320 cm. Grande is ideal for covering floors and walls, interiors and exteriors, both in residential and commercial spaces such as stores, restaurants, bars, spas and hotel rooms. It is available in six different looks (Stone, Marble, Concrete, Resin, Metal, Solid Color) which range from the stone- or marble-effect to the textures of concrete and resin, from metal effects to the saturated and uniform tones of solid colours. Also part of the Grande collection is the Grand Carpet project designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, which brings the originality of Persian patterns to the large size, available in 6 different 120×240 cm modules with thickness of 6 mm. Grand Carpet evokes an Indian rug, which is decorated with ritual tattoos and “rice grain” effects, a common pattern in oriental cultures. Grey is the chosen shade with tone-on-tone designs in grey or sepia that warm up and create shadow effects on the surfaces. The particular decor is ideal for large spaces, for bringing a narrative feel to the vertical and horizontal surfaces of architecture. And for its surprising visual effect.

The broad variety of Grande finishes and colours allows for the rich juxtaposition of similar or contrasting materials. The application possibilities are infinite: not just the most common horizontal and vertical coverings – the stoneware playing the role of wallpaper – but also in furnishings. From kitchen surfaces to tabletops or the most diverse of furnishings, ceramic surfaces can be personalised with customised cuts and shapes, laser and digital decorations and mosaics, meeting all design requirements. For these particular uses, Marazzi has created The Top catalogue, which contains the large 160×320 cm and 162×324 cm sizes in the 6 mm thickness and unrectified 12 mm versions respectively. The catalogue proposes a selection of slabs with matt, satined or glossy finishes, specially designed for tops, backsplashes, tables, doors and other tailor-made furniture solutions.

As well as enhancing the aesthetics of the various rooms, the absence of joints in the large size also makes them easier to clean. And this isn’t the only functional advantage. Unlike stone materials porcelain stoneware is ready for installation and, thanks to the greater availability of the material and the lower weight of the slabs, reduces work times compared with analogous materials like stone.

Large works of architecture are particularly suitable for the use of large sizes. Such as the facades of buildings, whether used as tiles or on ventilated walls. The quality and weather resistance of porcelain stoneware ensure that buildings are particularly durable and low maintenance. Just as ventilated wall technology makes it possible to improve the energy performance of buildings with evident cost and environmental benefits. Finally, the broad variety of the Grande collections makes it possible to experiment with a whole host of original colours, decors and textures on facades, all of which are waiting to be explored.