Grande, the ageless colours of nature

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Spaces more and more fluid and flexible, that let us immerse ourselves in Nature, its textures and its colours. Grande Marble Look interprets this trend with a new range of precious varieties inspired by the rarest marbles.

In our more and more fluid living spaces, the increasingly blurred borderlines between indoors and outdoors, and between working and living areas, are often determined by materials: there is continuity between rooms, between interior and exterior, and between floor and wall coverings.

Large size slabs enable the most widely varying solutions to today’s architectural demands.

The Grande collection of 6 mm-thick porcelain stoneware comes in the rectified sizes of 120×120, 120×240, 120×278 and 160×320 centimetres. The collection is available in six different looks (Stone, Marble, Concrete, Resin, Metal and Solid Color) which range from the stone- or marble-effect to the textures of concrete and resin, from metal effects to the saturated and uniform tones of solid colours.

The timeless beauty of marbles inspires high-technology, latest-generation stoneware slabs in which all the veining and shade variations of the finest, rarest stones live again, with greater clarity and sustainability than the originals.

The gleaming, vibrant colours of Onice Bianco and Sodalite Blu, of Verde Aver and Sahara Noir, are now offered alongside interpretations of the most classical marbles.

The opaline, transparent Onice Bianco is shot through with uneven veining in delicate brown and rust red; it is the stone of Venus, born, according to legend, from the Goddess’s fingernails, due to a trick played by Cupid. The exquisite beauty of Sodalite has always been recognised, and its predominant colour is the blue obtained from the Brazilian quarries, where the blocks (and subsequently slabs) have patterns of white veining and lines that interweave with the subtle colours of this stone, which may modulate into a wide range of bright blues. We return to Italy, and actually to the Alps, for the inspiration for Verde Aver, its bottle green colour always dominated by pale veining in shades through to snowy white. This journey through the geological ages and the lands which yield this wealth of ageless material ends on the Jebel Aziz mountains in the southern Tunisia. Here the quarries of Sahara Noir, deep black in colour with gold and delicate white veining, have symbolised riches and luxury for millennia.

In the wide new Grande Marble Look selection, this fresh assortment of coloured marbles confirms a decorative approach in which fine, rare textures play the key role in the design schemes of the most diverse locations, in harmony with the many ranges in the catalogue. Matter supports the intensive use of decoration, revealing often surprising potentials for completely bespoke projects.

The complete Grande Marble Look collection of classic marbles includes the exotic, very sophisticated Golden White, Imperiale and Frappuccino, Statuario, Calacatta Vena Vecchia from Tuscany, and Grigio Carnico, not forgetting the Venetian Terrazzo versions, in original, highly contemporary reinterpretations.