Exploring the Marazzi suite

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A hotel suite is an attractive location where the sequence of interiors plays a crucial role. Marazzi offers a context in the neutral shades of the travertine effect, inset with The Top Stone Look and Marble Look surfaces, carefully matched across the walls and interior design forms and features

A hotel suite is a lifestyle experience. Traditionally identified by the provision of a sitting-room separate from the bedroom, it is a sequence of interiors that dialogue with each other through a well chosen alternation of solids and recesses and public and private areas. Transitions between rooms are defined by architectural thresholds with meticulously chosen details and finishes, which separate spaces and functions.

Marazzi presents its interpretation of the hotel suite: a luxury urban hotel space of about 200 square metres, with a simple, elegant interior where the various areas create an unbroken flow with the aid of indoor perspectives and furnishing features that divide space with a light touch. The stand’s external enclosure consists of panels with large openings that generate an unexpected dialogue between its interior and the external world.

The Marazzi suite is a continuum of fresh, surprising architectural solutions, structured using ceramic surfaces as creative tool.

The Stone Look Travertino Classico large slabs provide a neutral background, with a highly tactile texture created by the 3D Ink technology with its unique matching of material, colour and 3D texture, inset with other types of marble in shades of beiges and warm dark greys, that continue through the different rooms in a never-ending dialogue, giving the interior a mood of calm and harmony.

The Stone Look Silver Root and Breccia Imperiale surfaces are used to cover large walls, as in the bathroom, and furnishings, as in the suite’s living area, where they clad fireplaces, storage systems and cupboards with regular geometrical forms. The sleeping area, characterised by the multicoloured relief boiserie behind the bed, is separated from a business area, with a table in the rare Marble Look Patagonia marble effect with its distinctive toffee-coloured veining, by means of a bookcase with total black concrete-effect finish. Behind the table is a wall with a recess equipped as a snack corner, its convenience enhanced by The Top Puro Marazzi Antibacterial: large slabs manufactured with the technology that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria and harmful microorganisms from surfaces, making spaces safer for people and the environment.

Last but not least the bathroom, the focus of wellbeing and the heart of the project in view of its exquisitely styled details and opulent furnishings, is preceded by a pillar finished with small-size tiles from the Marazzi Crogiolo Artcraft collection: a contrasting feature that introduces additional, more hand-crafted varieties of ceramic decoration, breaking up the monumental solemnity of the marble and stone-effect slabs.

Through contrasts and continual cross-referencing of materials between architectural finishes and furnishings, the Marazzi collections highlight the ability to create interior design by means of different geometrical forms and scales of application.

Thanks to Acerbis, Atelier Areti, Bellosta Rubinetterie, Gallotti&Radice, Tacchini and Talenti.