Elegant simplicity, rustic yet minimalist

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Not far from Valencia, Casa Velo is a two-floor home with pure lines and symmetrical spaces. Designed by Raul Garcia Studio, it is in rustic yet minimal style. White is the dominant colour, contrasting attractively with the wood-effect stoneware of the Treverktrend collection, in Rovere Miele shade, chosen for all the floors

Casa Velo is an anthem to simple beauty. The beauty of pure lines, light-filled rooms, stonework and pale colours. Located at Siete Aguas, a town with a rich history and traditions just over 50 km from Valencia, this home, with its straight lines, aims to stand out from the surrounding buildings, characterised by a markedly rustic style, while respecting the use of natural materials. The project is the work of Valencia-based architect Raúl García.

On two floors, the house consists of blocks that combine attractively in an L-shape, given dynamism by the juxtaposition between the areas of plasterwork and the stone coverings, and the slight recesses and projecting features in the walls on the upper floor. As throughout the home, white dominates on the ground floor, striking a clear contrast with the shade of the wood-effect stoneware chosen for the floors. “The covering used all over the house is Treverktrend, in Rovere Miele shade (25 x 150 cm size), which evokes the warmth of wood in these highly contemporary interiors,” Raúl García explains, underlining that: “as well as its attractive appearance, stoneware offers major advantages such as low maintenance and durability. As an architect, I consider not just this material’s technical performances but also its versatility, which allows its use not just in all the rooms but also outdoors.”

With its imperfect veining, the Miele shade, chosen from among the many available in the Treverktrend wood-effect stoneware collection, creates a continuity between all the rooms of the home, designed in a style which recalls the interiors of northern European houses, often characterised by sharp lines and symmetrical spaces. The home’s upper floor contains the sleeping area, with the bedrooms and the relative bathrooms. The minimalist approach is also reflected in the choice of furnishings, which are simple, light-coloured and plain, further highlighting the fluidity and uniformity conferred on the interiors by the porcelain stoneware.

The Rovere Miele shade combines attractively with the stonework outdoors too, emphasising the geometrical forms interrupted by the large windows. The overall atmosphere is relaxing and sophisticated, opening onto the boundless views over the green valley, which become a natural picture to be enjoyed every morning.

​Ph. Adrian Mora Maroto