Crogiolo: the flawed beauty of stoneware from the hand-made tradition

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A synthesis of ancient craft skills and industrial innovation

Bearing the name and reflecting the creative heritage of Marazzi's historic artistic experimentation hub, the Crogiolo collection is both a homage to the authentic beauty of ceramics hand-shaped by craftsmen and the expression of the latest porcelain stoneware processing technologies. In brief, it offers high-tech craftsmanship in a small tile size.

The glossiest of glazes, vibrant textures and colours, irregular brush-strokes and old-fashioned decorative motifs: what looks genuinely handmade is actually the product of a sophisticated technology. This genetic make-up is shared by all the latest additions to the Crogiolo collection, with different stylistic inputs but the same narrative strength: D_Segni Blend, Scenario, Lume and Zellige.

Light and carefully calculated imperfection are the key to Lume and Zellige, porcelain stoneware series created through leading-edge research into ultra-glossy glazes. Lume reinterprets the irregular beauty of hand-made majolica tiles, in the unusual 6×24 cm size; subtle variations in hue, density of colour (in 6 shades), and variations in patterning make every module unique and generate variegated compositions, for installation with narrow joints. Zellige, on the other hand, is the 10×10 cm version of the traditional exceptionally glossy Moroccan glazed terracotta tiles; its irregular edges, textures and colours (12) create the perfect replication of an exotic, hand-crafted product.

Strong graphic motifs and geometric patterns make up the identity of Scenario, a 20×20 cm stoneware with a "brush-stroke" effect inspired by the Marazzi collection of the same name created by painter and potter Venerio Martini in 1958. The uneven application of the colour recalls the hand-decoration process in use at the time. There are two surface variants: semi matt in 3 colours, suitable for the floors and walls of residential and light commercial locations, and ultra-glossy in 5 colours with a Mediterranean flavour.

The new StepWise™ technology is central to D_Segni Blend, the collection of porcelain stoneware cement tiles in the 20×20 cm and 10×10 cm sizes, produced with latest-generation glazes, providing a super-matt surface combined with a wealth of colour, in more than 40 pattern varieties and multiple tones of the same shade. All enhanced by the ornamental exuberance of the mix decors with 16 different motifs. All 6 colours in the range offer outstanding anti-slip performances with no reduction in the soft surface "feel". The resulting product is both poetic and high-tech and, like all the other Crogiolo collection series, has a special ability to bring tradition into contemporary architecture.