The timeless beauty of terracotta

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Cotti d’Italia, new stoneware collection: standard, hexagon and brickwork tiles for a return to tradition throughout the home.

Terracotta stands for tradition, craftsmanship and hand-made appeal. It expresses a genuine, high-value Italian identity.
Cotti d’Italia, a Marazzi porcelain stoneware collection, reveals all the beauty of the finest Italian terracottas, in a version for today.

The 4 colours (Beige, Rosato, Terracotta and Marrone) reproduce the inspiration material, while the 5 sizes offer potential for intriguing, varied compositional solutions for the walls and floors of the entire home – and the 15×30 cm size can even be used outdoors. The three 30x30cm, 15×30 cm and 15×15 cm sizes are modular, giving scope for a variety of laying patterns.
The collection’s potential is enriched by the hexagonal tile, also available in the Trame decorated version, and the 7×28 cm brickwork tile.

Cotti d’Italia is the ideal collection for decorating skilfully renovated old homes or historic locations in a style that maintains a link to their original context.

Photographs of the terracotta-effect stoneware collection can be seen in the gallery. The bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, or even a convenient garden – all parts of the home, indoors and outdoors, decorated in the classical good taste of tradition.