Emerald House, a holiday home in the centre of Rome

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Two Marazzi collections were chosen to perfectly interpret the connection with nature in a relaxing haven in the centre of Rome.

Rome is a city of light and history. This city has endless stories to tell: every corner of the capital conveys pieces of history and has the ability to transport us elsewhere, to other places.

In Via Buccari, near the Vatican, there is a small, charming holiday home, a project developed with taste and love for design by interior designer Francesca Matera and architect Marco Ferranti.

The living room with a kitchenette is the result of a balanced combination of minimalist Nordic furnishings and tactile porcelain stoneware that forms the background of the kitchen corner. The designers chose Marazzi’s cement tiles from the concrete-effect Plaster collection as an optimal, geometric, concrete solution – in the 60×60 cm size – that discretely dialogues with the other materials in the house.

For the wall covering used in the bathroom, designed as a mini private spa with a chromotherapy shower and emotional lighting, the design firm chose Marazzi’s Clayline collection to enhance the warm, natural light that enters from the windows.

In the bathroom, the Clayline collection was chosen in the basic, simple and linear version and in the 3D version, which appears soft and features a curvy pattern that evokes sand by the sea: the warm, Mediterranean light that illuminates these surfaces creates a very relaxing atmosphere: the 3D relief is also very pleasing to touch.

The bathroom thus becomes a comfortable, relaxing environment, a warm oasis of well-being inside your home.

Overall, Emerald House, through continuous references to nature, thanks to the stylish design and decorative elements such as the wallpaper chosen for the walls in the living room and bedroom, is a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday home, a corner of paradise not too far from the Vatican.