Cement and hexagon Tiles: never out of fashion

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A dialogue between past and present, creativity and technological innovation

Anyone setting out to furnish their home has a large number of widely different sources to draw on: natural features, colours, marks left by the passing of time, and different cultures and traditions.

These give rise to creative solutions suited to a variety of needs, such as the cement tiles so popular with the architects working in the Art Nouveau style in the late 19C and early 20C.

These highly decorative tiles have stood the test of time, thanks to skilful interpretations by designers and companies that have made use of the latest technologies to offer articles of this kind with updated stylistic and functional characteristics.

Originally made from a mixture of cement and resin, nowadays these tiles are reinterpreted in porcelain stoneware, to provide decorative solutions and moods with an old-fashioned, reassuring air that still deliver high-level convenience, strength, hardness and performance.

Within this trend, with its blend of past and present, Marazzi offers several different collections.

If you are looking for a contemporary version of the decorated cement tile, Marazzi suggests D_Segni, a collection that reinterprets the beauty of handmade cement tiles in porcelain stoneware: 7 colours and a variety of geometrical and floral patterns, which can be combined together for highly decorative interior designs. D_Segni is updated with two new variants: D_Segni Colore and D_Segni Scaglie.

D_Segni Colore comes in three new dusty solid colours – Indigo, Tangerine and Mustard, accompanied by the four new Tappeto decors and the new Mix Decor, consisting of 15 different patterns.

D_Segni Scaglie, inspired by Venetian Terrazzo, offers 6 shades: White, Black, Anthracite, Grey, Blue and Yellow. Marble-look chips in a dusty stoneware base also feature in the 7 different Tappeto Decors and the Mix Decor, which expand the decorative repertoire of the entire collection.

For more intimate, reassuring interiors, Marazzi offers Block series cement tiles, inspired by resin. The trowelled surface with an alternation of glossy and matt effects in tone-on-tone colours helps to create an evocative mood.

Another fine example of this vintage trend is provided by the very decorative hexagon tiles, widely used in the interior design of homes in the old centres of Italian cities in the early 20C, which Marazzi offers in a variety of collections: Powder, stoneware inspired by urban concretes; Cotti dItalia, with the timeless appeal of a ceramic material with all the warmth and tradition of the finest Italian terracottas, and finally Clays, ideal for those in search of a creative, tactile interior design. Clays hexagon tiles are an elegant blend of the antique and the contemporary, merging terracotta and concrete for a high-impact result.

Cement and hexagon tiles represent a genuine dialogue between past, present and future that will never go out of fashion.

Explore the collections and allow yourself to be inspired by our photo gallery.