Block, hospitality and entertaining in a panoramic apartment in Rome

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A modern open space project by the Brain Factory - Architecture & Design studio

Rome is not only a metropolis with a rich history. You breathe a truly unique energy in its streets, partly thanks to the quality of its warm, welcoming light and to its small and large parks that can be found in all its districts.

Opposite one of these parks, in the Prenestino neighbourhood, the Brain Factory – Architecture & Design studio has turned what was once a building devoid of personality into a gorgeous, bright 130 sq m panoramic apartment that perfectly embodies the elegant, soft style of Italian design.

The apartment, which has a particularly charming view, has been turned into a large, modern open space that lets in plenty of light and the green of the park through three large windows.

The designers identified porcelain stoneware as the right choice for the coverings, choosing collections that are perfect for representing what the owners consider to be an attitude and constant nuance of their life: entertaining, which requires materials that are easy to maintain and an impressive aesthetic effect.

Specifically, starting from the kitchen, what immediately strikes the eye is the interesting contrast created between Block Grey, Marazzis concrete-effect stoneware covering, and the island: the former, an urban material with a tactile surface, once inserted in this open space creates soft atmospheres that are delicate to the touch and pair well with the island which, like the rest of the kitchen, is a distinctly geometric block.

In the living area, the installation of concrete-effect stoneware is interrupted to make room for wood-effect stoneware, creating a powerful visual contrast without sacrificing the ease of maintenance characteristics that distinguish ceramic materials.

The Brain Factory – Architecture & Design studio then chose Block concrete-effect stoneware in shades of grey for the bathrooms, both for the floor and wall coverings, again in the 75×75 cm size: an interesting choice that exploits this square size’s intrinsic installation simplicity in order to give small-sized environments the illusion of a larger space.

Overall, the atmosphere created in this apartment is very welcoming, evoking shared spaces with a sense of convivial levity and sophisticated informality.

Discover the Block collection in detail and be inspired by the photo gallery.