Black&white decor and geometric patterns

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A two-tone project: in an interplay of opposites, black and white contrast in the interior of a guest house with a contemporary style.

The NeroBianco guest house is situated on the top floor of an elegant building in the historic centre of the city of Sorrento (Naples). The idea that inspired the project by Studio Sorrentino, which specializes in architecture and interior design, was that of two colours: contrasting black and white, in an interplay of opposites repeated throughout the interior.


The project stars the Scenario series from the Crogiolo collection, which focuses on the brushstroke effect on the tiles and tone-on-tone surfaces typical of Mediterranean houses. “We used ceramic for both the floor and walls,” explains architect Camillo Sorrentino, who stresses that “the choice of porcelain stoneware was impeccable, in terms of both the look created by the brushstroke effect and the material’s quality and strength.”


NeroBianco features three en-suite double bedrooms with a balcony. A striking feature of the project is that the laying pattern used for the coverings has a different geometric composition in each room. While a diamond pattern accompanies us across all the flooring in the entrance hallway – where the covering has been laid to form oblique strips – a fan shape dominates the floor in the three bedrooms. Different circular layouts were chosen for the bathroom area, as well as for the beds’ headboards, making each room distinct from the next.


The NeroBianco Guest House has a distinctly contemporary touch and is furnished in a minimalist style. Modern, minimal accessories, free spaces and clean volumes distinguish a clear stylistic choice expressed in rhythmic chiaroscuro effects alternating black and white, light and shadow.


In the bathroom area, the functional organization is the same in all three bathrooms: artful use of the different elements in the Scenario stoneware collection makes each of the rooms unique. “A particularly decorative bathroom is a usable space embellished with ornamental elements, in this case coverings, which enhance it with their various shapes and colours, accentuating its personality and elegance,” concludes Sorrentino.