Marazzi Allmarble Statuario, the elegance of marble effect stoneware for the interior design of a Burgas fashion boutique

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Extravagance Design have chosen the Allmarble collection for French fashion house Pierre Cardin's new single-brand store

Bulgaria's fourth largest city, with its own international airport, Burgas is a major tourism and industrial centre on the western shore of the Black Sea.

It is here that French fashion house Pierre Cardin has decided to open a new single-brand store, commissioning the Extravagance Design interior decoration firm to design the location.
The architects decided to showcase Pierre Cardin's impeccable style by designing a boutique of flawless elegance and sophistication, using a carefully selected mix of materials and effective design solutions.

The choice of Marazzi Allmarble Statuario marble-look porcelain stoneware for all the boutique's floors and its end wall helped to deliver the project's aim of producing a luminous, elegant, exclusive ambience, also aided by the strong perspective effect created by the continuous use of the stoneware, with its rich, deep vein patterns, running from the floor up over the end wall.

The mixture of materials used, including the Marazzi Allmarble stoneware, the natural wood of the boiserie panelling, the velvet of the curtains which conceal the changing-rooms and the clever inclusion of mirrors on the walls, enhances every aspect of the space, through coordinated design with a strong focus on every detail.

To achieve a welcoming, reassuring effect, the side walls are clad with natural wood boiserie panelling, which guides the senses towards the stoneware end wall, while the changing-rooms are incorporated into the same space, with olive green velvet curtains that create elegant backdrops. Large mirror modules on one wall complete the design, generating an elegance of reflections that interacts with the elegance of the stoneware to give the interior a larger, more light-filled air.

The overall effect therefore blends wood, velvet, mirrors and Allmarble stoneware, skilfully used and combined to make full use of their potentials, thanks to high-quality specialist retail interior design.

The Statuario marble-look stoneware, a white material with deep grey veins, plays a key role in the ambience, assisted by its glossy surface, available throughout the Marazzi Allmarble collection, a range inspired by the loveliest, most precious natural marbles: Lasa, Statuario, Raffaello, Altissimo, Travertino, Saint Laurent and Frappuccino, in different sizes and finishes.

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