5 Ideas for beautifying a garden

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Renewing your outdoor area to prepare for summer: furnishing and decoration ideas for getting the most from your garden and green areas

Anyone who has a garden is well aware that it has to be taken care of to stop it looking neglected and ensure that it is always a pleasant place to be, even in winter – yes, we mean it. Winter is actually also the ideal time for redesigning and renewing outdoor areas ready for spring: so here are our ideas for beautifying a garden!


  1. Rethinking your outdoor furnishing
  2. Renewing the lighting
  3. Adding new trees or plants
  4. Re-tiling some areas
  5. Designing a solarium area and/or swimming-pool


Let’s look at them one by one.


1 | Garden furnishing ideas

Are your table and chairs still in good condition? Is there enough seating? Is there room to add a new lounge area with seating and outdoor sofas? Do you hold parties and dinners in your garden? You can design a small outdoor kitchen: in this case porcelain stoneware countertops are ideal, both in terms of appearance and because they are easy to care for. This post is full of solutions for furnishing a modern garden!


2 | Lighting: ideas for a modern garden

One way of giving your garden a new look is to change your outdoor light fittings and add new, trendier lamps. Lighting creates the right evening mood and immediately gives the garden a contemporary air. The recent cordless versions that can be moved around as required are also original and practical.


3 | Rethink your plants, flowerbeds, hedges and placing of flowering species

After a few years, beautifying a garden may also imply redesigning its planting: replacing a few plants, adding new flowers or trees, creating flowerbeds or new paths, or even designing a small domestic vegetable plot. As in other situations, it is important to seek expert advice to find out how to improve your garden by changing the layout of its plants.


4 | Renewing the garden’s coverings

Just like the garden’s planting, its outdoor paving can also be renewed. If the garden does not have many surfaces people can walk on, tiles can be installed directly on the lawn (dry installation) to create a new area for use as a lounge or for dining, with no need for expensive, complex works. There are many material effects to choose from, from wood to stone and from concrete to marble. You will find the best porcelain stoneware outdoor paving tiles here. As well as paved areas, tiles can also be used on walls (perhaps for decorating just a section, or the zone around the outdoor kitchen) or the furnishings: in fact, slimline large slabs can be used to cover benches, seats, tables, shelves and other furniture surfaces.


5 | Creating an outdoor lounge area

If space permits, the modern garden can accommodate a solarium area for use in summer, also including a small pool or an outdoor shower zone for cooling down. Porcelain stoneware is an outstanding covering material for this purpose, too, for both the edges and sides of the pool and the surrounding area. Safe, anti-slip and convenient to clean, thanks to its infinite stylistic potentials it transforms from just a covering into an eye-catching decorative feature.