UNA Hotel

Baggiovara (MO) Italy

The new UNA Hotel Modena opened in 2010 in Baggiovara, a historic hamlet surrounded by countryside which is home to fine country houses and vast shopping malls, a top hospital and an enclosed convent. The unifying element of the entire architectural structure is the gleaming exterior of ventilated walls in porcelain stoneware by Marazzi Engineering, featuring various hi-tech products from the Marazzi collections: Onyx for the elegant curtain walls along the entrance facade, SistemA for the coloured panels on the sides and rear façade and for the striking towers accommodating the stairs, Muri by Marazzi for the refined textures of the conference centre. The versatility of the ceramic tiles is the common thread in the interiors too, which meet the high level of comfort specified in the brief. The ground floor reception hall features a continuous “carpet” of black ceramic tiles of outstanding chromatic brilliance and shine, created with Marazzi’s innovative SistemA crystallized stoneware. The same effect is achieved in the public bathrooms, where a background of black tiles from the SistemA collection is interrupted by multicoloured bands comprising strip tiles from the same range. The atmosphere changes once again in the Des Arts restaurant: here the lightness of glass and metal is offset by a solid wall covered with Marazzi Soho Grey porcelain stoneware in 3-D effect strips. After spending the day in business meetings in the conference centre, the wellness area offers guests the ideal place to unwind. Here, Crystal Mosaic tiles by Marazzi in gleaming glass adorn walls, contrasting with the compact surface of the Soho Grey porcelain stoneware floor, giving guests a well-earned feeling of tranquillity and calm.