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Ufficio ST
Ufficio ST is the project for the renovation of the premises of Studio Tenca & Associati, ...
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Halmar is a major importer and distributor of furniture from the Far East, specialising above all ...
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GFM - Ventilated facades Raised Floor
Headquarters GFM S.r.l.
The company, which specialises in the supply of turbine and electricity generator components, built this new ...
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Ventilated walls stoneware for outdoor, Reggio Emilia
Bridge 129
Bridge 129 is a major project for the renovation of an old factory building on an ...
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Floating floor SistemA, Milano
Area ex Sieroterapico
The project, involving an area of buildings of 15000 m2, is located in one of Milan’s ...
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Leitec mit energie in die Zukunft
The building that houses the German firm Leitec uses modern architecture to express the company’s focus ...
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Pietro and Maria Marazzi Training Centre’
The ‘Pietro and Maria Marazzi Training Centre’ is a leading-edge facility dedicated to the Group’s personnel ...
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iGuzzini Lab - stoneware high performance LEED
iGuzzini Lab
Responsible design For a company dealing with light, the theme of environmental responsibility towards energy consumption ...
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"Santagostino" Multipurpose Building, Milan
Santagostino Multipurpose Centre
The multipurpose centre rises in an industrial area in the northern suburban area of Milan. It ...
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Quadrante Europa Logistics Centre Building, Verona
Quadrante Europa freight terminal headquarters
Zona Agricola Industriale Consortium takes care of town planning and the development of infrastructures for several ...
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Saet Headquarters, Salvazzano Dentro
Headquarter Saet
The aim of the new complex was to bring all of the company’s activities under one ...
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"Le tre Torri?  Multipurpose Complex, Brescia
Multifunctional Centre "Le Tre Torri"
The three office blocks are linked on the ground floor by a square overlooking the services ...
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