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Medical Centre in Thessaloniki
In Thessaloniki, the Medical Centre designed by the Malvi firm was conceived with a minimalist approach, ...
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Pietro and Maria Marazzi Training Centre’
The ‘Pietro and Maria Marazzi Training Centre’ is a leading-edge facility dedicated to the Group’s personnel ...
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Internal floor International School of Prague
International School of Prague
A colorful school In order to provide suitable answers to a highly globalized and interconnected world, ...
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"Nuovo Ospedale dell?Angelo" Hospital, Mestre
'Angel's' New Hospital
The designers of the most avant-garde hospital complex in Italy include Emilio Ambasz, an internationally acclaimed ...
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UB Faculty, School of Business, Botswana
UB Faculty, School of Business
As part of the "UB Faculty", School of Business, project, Marazzi ica provided engineering services and ...
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Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture, Miami
Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture
Form and function, action and decoration are the principal guidelines inspiring the project by Bernard Tschumi ...
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