Scuola Internazionale di Praga

Prague Czech Republic


Veronika Medkovà

A colorful school In order to provide suitable answers to a highly globalized and interconnected world, cosmopolitan citizens and managers are required to create collaborations at all levels in an open and propositive manner. These are the reasons that explain the growing success of international schools, not only in our country but throughout Europe, and particularly in the former eastern block, isolated for so long. It is the case of the International School of Prague, one of the English language institutes of excellence in Europe. In its new campus, on the quiet hills surrounding the Czech capital, it welcomes some 800 students from all countries and cultures in classes ranging from primary to college. The low pavillions have wide, well-lit interiors and they host, apart from the classrooms, also a large number of activity areas such as a theatre, some gyms, ICT labs and even a very colorful cafeteria where students, parents and teachers meet. The already well established model that the school is inspired from is backed up by a solid general multidisciplinary culture, drawn from the idea that a complete education will provide the student with a harmonious development both on an intellectual and on a physical, emotional and artistic level. But what also characterizes this institute is a strongly social and communitary vision in which curiosity towards what’s “other” and respect and mutual trust are strongly supported. The purpose is to form not only highly educated individuals but also bright personalities who will be able to contribute in a responsible manner to the future of the whole population. A highly ambitious purpose indeed that is mirrored in the layout of the campus that communicates energy and enthusiasm starting from the bright and colourful floor of the reception and common areas, realized in crystallized stoneware from the SistemA serie by Marazzi Tecnica.