‘Angel’s’ New Hospital

Mestre (VE), Italy

marazzi nuovo ospedale dellangelo 000.jpg
The designers of the most avant-garde hospital complex in Italy include Emilio Ambasz, an internationally acclaimed architect and a pioneer of sustainable development. The innovative “camouflage” philosophy, whereby a building blends in with its surroundings, is plain to see in the large, grass-covered block that houses reception and the utilities. Above this, six floors of hospital wards soar up, whose south face is shielded by a giant glass window. Marazzi Engineering provided the customer with a wide variety of solutions suiting the different types of surfaces. A ventilated wall made with glazed porcelain stoneware tiles was designed and installed along the block’s outer curtain walls, altering a product already in Marazzi’s catalogue so the size and colour met with the developers’ approval. The ventilated facade not only ensures excellent insulation against heat and noise, it also plays an important part in the overall appearance of the whole site, as its colour creates a pleasing contrast with the green of the landscaped grounds surrounding the hospital. Another part of the job concerned the supply of the paving of the square underneath the big glass wing and the flooring and wall coverings for the communal areas, offices, shops, stairs, garages, toilet facilities and kitchens. A wide range of Marazzi products was used for these, including porcelain stoneware and single-fired tiles, chosen for their easy cleaning and skid resistance. Particular attention was paid to the final plans and the construction of the raised floors in the service areas where a rubber floor surface was attached to particle board panels. This solution catered for the need to accommodate the service cables and guarantees ease of inspection and flexibility for their layout.

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