House between a castle and a grove

Mora de Rubielos Spain


Raul Garcia

Designing in a historical village that appears frozen in time. This four-storey detached house is located in Mora de Rubielos, a small municipality in Aragon, in north-eastern Spain, renowned for its imposing Gothic-style medieval castle dating back to the 14th century. Designed by Raul Garcia, an architect based in Valencia, the house is located near this fortress and, thanks to the large, specially designed windows, it offers a unique view, overlooking the castle on one side and a lush orchard on the other.

Wood-look stoneware, natural stone, white tiles, exposed beams and glass transparencies: a few simple elements characterise the interiors with minimal, linear furnishing choices combined with solutions that create a carefully crafted, detail-oriented effect.

The house has been completely covered with porcelain stoneware from the Treverkhome collection, in the 30x120 cm size, and in the warm shade of Castagno, which with its characteristic, imperfect veining creates a seamless effect between all the rooms in the home. “Stoneware is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offers two key benefits: durability and low maintenance,” commented designer Raul Garcia, adding: “stoneware is very versatile, allowing it to be used in all the rooms of the home. As an architect, I am satisfied with the product’s high quality and the many options available, as well as the material’s technical performance.”


Ph Diego Opazo

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