Farmaca International S.p.A. - Italy

Settimo Torinese (TO) Italy
Pavimento sopraelevato e Facciata ventilata - 1
Farmaca International S.p.A.

Farmaca International is a cosmetics firm based at Settimo Torinese. The building which houses the office, meeting rooms and showroom for hair salon furnishings is on two floors and is paved virtually throughout with raised floor panels produced using Cemento and Ardesia colour SistemA slabs. Ceramic coverings also put their versatility and strength to good use on the ventilated curtain wall constructed with an alternation of Anthracite and Grey colour 30x120 Soho porcelain slabs. The construction method combines the benefits of a raised floor, which increases the building’s safety level by ensuring ease of inspection if necessary, and the thermal and noise insulation delivered by the ventilated curtain wall technology.