Fu Hua Chien Hsi

Lin Kou, Taiwan

marazzi condominio fu hua chien hsi 000.jpg


Jen Lu Yao


Designing emotions Building and transforming cities is always a very important task, a sort of credit towards the future that can turn into an opportunity to introduce better environmental conditions in the urban landscape, and to offer new relationship spaces and qualityfocused situations. Conceived as such, architecture is a noble and socially useful activity. Solidly rooted in the Lin Kou community, for more than 10 years the administrative council of the Fu Hua Construction Co., Ltd. has been working onto this area showing a particular sensibility and a spirit of attentive participation. For this reason, the projects that have been realized are not solely limited to concentrating the quality of design in private offices or living quarters but also in the ground floor area, proposing spaces and solutions of great formal quality. Real welcoming scenarios facing the road, inspirational beauties that the whole Lin Kou community should (and is) very proud of. With this vision in mind, architect Yao Jen Lu worked on the design of the communal parts of the luxury condo Fu Hua Chien Hsi. Rather than being a filter that separates the public from the private space of the building, Yao Jen Lu’s work is an invitation to enter a warm atmosphere, closed up by elegant wooden boiseries The space is structured as a journey in stages that rhymes with the precious engraved decors of the floor that enhances the depth of the space. At the entrance, as a matter of fact, the streaked beige surface in porcelain stoneware Soho Marazzi, laid out in slabs of 60x120cm is defined by a false prospective obtained through inserts of wooden parquets in a warm, amber tone. After the welcoming area, the center of the space is solved like a circular lounge just shielded by an aerial structure marked by slender wooden sticks. Here, again, the floor underlines and emphasizes the development of the space with a concentric element that couples wooden rings and stoneware slabs, purposefully cut in a trapezoidal form to support the development of the design. After this central area, the space opens up once again under a long glass wall that turns into a comfortable relax area dominated by beige and dove-gray colors: here there are a reading and conversational zone, as well as a small study and an elegant bar. The same care and the same chromatic palette also comes back in other areas of the building: in the distribution corridors where large slabs of 60x120 cm of the Stone Collection by Marazzi in ivory color were used for the floors while the walls were covered by 50x50 cm modules in white stoneware from the Metope collection by Marazzi; in the covered pool where the light blue of the water plays with the warm tones of the walls, covered with Sandstone Avorio, produced by Marazzi España and with the floors featuring 30x60 cm modules of the Percorsi series by Marazzi