Campus Une

Correggio (RE), Italy

marazzi campus une 000.jpg

Campus Une is the new hub for the offices and the production building of UNE Srl, an Italian business focused on driving innovation in the sector of photovoltaic energy and its storage. Located on a 5000 m2 site in Correggio (Reggio Emilia), the project was overseen by Rizoma Architetture, which designed a complex divided on a functional level into two independent parts and open to the landscape.

The products used seek to convey an understated and functional style, hence the choice of concrete-effect materials in soft shades of grey and silver.

For the internal flooring of the offices and bathrooms the designers opted for Marazzi 60x60 cm Memento porcelain stoneware tiles. The same collection, in the Mosaic and Vintage Mosaic decor version, was used to tile some of the bathrooms.

In the other bathrooms, the walls are tiled with the Marazzi Chalk ceramic collection, Origami decor, whose contemporary look is perfect for public places.

In continuity with the interior flooring, the raised paving of the terrace is in the Memento collection, still in the 60x60 cm size but in the extra-thick 20 mm version. The raised floor is an effective option that makes it possible to create a continuous void under the floor surface that can be utilised to route all technical systems, ensuring the aesthetic cleanliness of the solution.


Ph Elodie Cavallaro

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