Auxologico Meda


marazzi auxologico meda 000.jpg

In the centre of Meda, in a strategic position close to the railway station, Rimond has designed the Auxologico Meda, located within a larger urban and social redevelopment area. The comfortable facility, carefully organised down to minor details, is intended to provide top-class health services. Particular importance was given to sustainability and the choice of quality materials such as porcelain stoneware and ceramics, used inside the building, which gives it a welcoming air. The ceramic flooring and wall covering slabs are by Marazzi, and create more attractive, recognisable interiors, combining aesthetic values with technical performances. The interiors on the main floor are given a welcoming air by the warm Sand colour from the Plaster series, a reinterpretation of concrete, in the 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm sizes. The interplays of colours and geometric patterns which ensure the waiting areas are both recognisable and attractive were created with the Alchimia covering, patterned ceramic tiles in the large 60x180 cm size and slimline thickness, here with Arky Grey geometrical decor. The plant rooms, which require high resistance and durability standards, were finished with the SistemB 60x60 cm collection, produced with the High Performance technology, in matt Avorio colour.


Photo credit: Daniele Domenicali

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