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Marazzi sun screens

Saturday 01 December 2012

Marazzi sun screens

Natural light is always pleasurable even when, as in some buildings, this is difficult to achieve, and Marazzi Engineering has designed its ceramic sun screens (brise-soleil) to meet this need, with a highly functional and stylistic solution.

Using a sophisticated system of solid and hollow volumes, the building can be styled as a sum of totally integrated architectonic elements. To this is added the practical benefit of effective screening from the sun.

Marazzi Engineering’s solution has integrated its sun screen concept into its ventilated wall technology, thus bringing harmony and balance to the architecture without compromising the requirement for sustainable design.

Marazzi Engineering also offers the designer the freedom to choose between two different systems: a fixed screen installation or an adjustable one, in which the angle of the blinds can be set to suit the geographical location, the season and the orientation of the building.

The advantages of the sun screen system are both functional and aesthetic: it offers optimal control of sunlight and hence energy savings, increased occupant comfort and improved air recirculation, with stylish design solutions using the wide range of Marazzi ceramics, with their resistance to thermal differentials and atmospheric agents, long service life and almost maintenance-free long lasting technical and aesthetic qualities.