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Filippo Marazzi is awarded “Tile Person of the Year” by the Tile Council of North America.

Tuesday 14 May 2013

Filippo Marazzi is awarded “Tile Person of the Year” by the Tile Council of North America.

Accepting the award on behalf of the late Mr Marazzi, Marazzi Group CEO Mauro Vandini stated, “His entrepreneurial vision promoted the Italian ceramic tiles industry worldwide”.

The Tile Council of North America is the most important trade association for the ceramic tile industry in the country. The Association has chosen to honour the memory of Filippo Marazzi, who passed away last year, by awarding him “Tile Person of the Year 2013”.

The award is one of the most prestigious acknowledgements in the ceramic business. It was exceptionally bestowed upon Filippo Marazzi in celebration of a man who, more than any other, with charisma and entrepreneurial vision, recognised by all, was able to foster and interpret the evolution of the industry.

It is thanks to President Filippo that today Marazzi is an established brand and a globally renowned business model. This would not have been possible without his innovative mind and sense of respect towards everyone, acknowledged both inside and outside the company.

The brand’s presence in the United States, where over 30 years ago Filippo Marazzi began the company’s path to international growth, has led Marazzi – now part of Mohawk Industries - to be one of the most renowned brands at an international level and a reference point in the ceramics industry.

The award was presented by Eric Astrachan, TCNA Executive Director, to the Marazzi Group CEO, Mauro Vandini, during a ceremony held in Atlanta as part of the Coverings 2013 trade show.

On receiving the award, Vandini wished to remember the figure of a great entrepreneur and friend, stating "Filippo Marazzi, driven by a great passion, was able to convey Italian know-how to the world and establish Italian ceramics as a benchmark of excellence. His entrepreneurial vision was always at the forefront in all areas: product development, international growth and continual development of in-house knowledge. Filippo Marazzi believed that it was the people, their skills and their talent, who often made the real difference.

" The award, a precious ceramic work that depicts a Renaissance Knight, was entirely hand crafted by Marc Holm of AD Studios (Elgin, Texas) using an ancient mural technique.