Wednesday 20 November 2013

The installation entitled ‘Pulsate’, created by Lily Jencks and Nathanael Dorent with Marazzi Tecnica SistemN tiles, has been chosen as a finalist in the ‘installation’ category of the Interior Design’s Best of Year 2013 and the ‘most innovative retail’ class of The World Interiors News Award.

A new approach to the design of display and retail areas for ceramic tiles is Pulsate’s underlying concept: the whole of the interior of Capitol Designer Studio (CDS) at Primrose Hill in London was clad with SistemN technical stoneware slabs in various sizes and 4 different colours. This formed a seamless ceramic skin over the floor, seats and work and display surfaces, focusing the attention on first-hand contact with the Marazzi stoneware’s soft, tactile surface. The installation also has shown both consumers and professionals just how creatively ceramics can be used in interior design, if they are freed from their usual two-dimensional constraints.

The The World Interiors News Awards and Interior Design’s Best of Year Awards are presented to the best international products and design projects. The former is organised by the British site and the winners will receive their awards on 28 November at London’s prestigious Saatchi Gallery. The latter is run by the American journal Interior Design and designers and architects will be welcomed to the IAC Building in New York on 5 December.

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