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Cersaie 2012 - Marazzi, Marazzi Tecnica stands: lots of new products and masses of visitors!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Cersaie 2012 - Marazzi, Marazzi Tecnica stands: lots of new products and masses of visitors!

In line with the new brand image, the new Marazzi stand is dominated by white and large wall graphics that highlight the ceramic product and the relative advertising messages to excellent effect. An elegant, contemporary space that defines the Marazzi brand in all its stylish simplicity. 

This year, Marazzi has a wealth of attractive floor and wall covering products on offer: 

Treverkhome, the wood-look fine porcelain stoneware that is the group best seller, available in the new warm, welcoming Larice and Olmo colours; Treverkatelier, the modern, sophisticated stoneware that recalls the finish of bleached timber in a variety of sizes from 10x120 to 30x120, Brooklyn, a large-sized metropolitan concrete with a range of colours ranging from neutral shades to the dominant grey for use throughout the home, and Pietra di Brera, the new stone-look stoneware and the latest addition to the Evolutionstone package, extending the range with an ivory-white shade, available both with natural surface and with bushhammered finish, also suitable for outdoor use. All collections that can be used as both floor and wall coverings.

There was also no lack of new products in the wall tile segment: Oficina7, the collection of slim-thickness (6 mm) ceramic tiles in the large 96.7x32.5 size inspired by the trends of the city of São Paulo, one of the world’s emerging design capitals. Suitable for use on the walls of contemporary bathrooms in both elegant and unconventional style, depending on the decorative pieces chosen for use with the plain tiles. The colour range is new, built around a warm red for combination with either warm or cool shades. The Silkstone collection of slim-thickness bathroom and kitchen wall tiles, inspired by the texture of Japanese and Indian silks, is equally outstanding.

Marazzi Tecnica presents itself as a large space for architects, dominated by the Marazzi Colour Plan, its colours and its materials. The new product for this year is SistemN in the new 90x90 and 45x90 sizes in three different surface finishes (natural, bushhammered and polished) and SistemV, the new system of gloss and satin finish glass mosaics in 3 different sizes, with a modern range of colours in line with the Marazzi Colour Plan, particularly ideal for the walls of bathrooms, spas and wellness centres since they are able to clad even curved surfaces.30x60 and 15x60 tiles in subtle, dusty shades inspired by the texture of a reinterpreted, reassuring, natural wood.