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Christmas in the Marazzi Home

Christmas in the Marazzi Home

As Christmas approaches, every family starts to decorate their home in good time, with the aim of being ready for the key date of 8 December, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which traditionally marks the official opening of the festive season. During the days before, families set up their Christmas trees and nativity scenes in their homes.

How can we decorate our homes for Christmas? 

There are lots of materials we can use to decorate our homes for the Christmas season, from glass to paper and from fabrics to gold and silver, all of which can create a warm, festive atmosphere. Then if our home’s floors are in a warm, welcoming material like Treverkhome by Marazzi, success is assured! Creating the right environment means getting everything ready with the core ingredients: love, good taste and lots of imagination. The Christmas spirit must be obvious the minute you get to the front door: just a simple garland with a few pine cones will set the mood.  

The tree is the symbol of Christmas: it may be colourful, ‘70s style, with lots of tinsel festoons, or all white, gilded or silver, but it must always reflect our taste and it can also strike a different note from the rest of the home’s decorations.

Laying the table, a crucial point for a party’s success, requires a lot of imagination and good taste. A Christmas tablecloth and napkins can be used, in gold or red, with our best plates and cutlery and coloured glasses (which I personally love), depending on requirements. But a white tablecloth and dishes and plain glasses can also be used, combined with a decorative centrepiece, perhaps made with spruce, baubles and red candles. An extra hint: matching place-markers are sure to impress!

We must not forget the lighting: the use of coloured candles  (red is always my favourite, never mix too many different colours), small lights or warm lighting features are the basis of the decoration. Cold light, or carelessly placed Christmas candles and fairy-lights, would create an image of confusion and prevent the house from having that welcoming feel. 

For shelves, coffee-tables or main items of furniture, lines of butcher’s broom with a few red berries give a touch of elegance.

Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive; the important thing is to treat yourself to a little extra something and remember that Christmas means home, with or without decorations!