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Marble: timeless beauty reinterpreted in porcelain

classe ed elenganza

The class and elegance of marble are priceless. For this reason it continues to be used in design and construction even today in spite of how expensive it is. Indeed the price of marble reflects not only the high cause of mining and transporting it, but also the costs of preparing and installing it.  When it comes to eternal and marvellous floors, with timeless charm, marble is a classic.

Porcelain with a marble effect reproduces the aesthetic characteristics of this stone perfectly, making it an excellent alternative in terms of beauty, price, and durability. This is a highly innovative material that is, however, capable of evoking the classic and elegant atmosphere of yesteryear.

It is a high-quality material that is truly cost-effective compared to traditional marble, with the added value of being easy to maintain as it absorbs very little water.

Today a combination of classic and modern elements enables us to revisit classic and "rich" coverings like marble, updating them and making them affordable thanks to products like EvolutionmarbleAmani Bronze with Lux Dot tile inserts by Marazzi, which enhance the classics by combining modern elements offset by the elegance of common areas.

In interiors like bathrooms, products like Evolutionmarble  Golden Cream by Marazzi make it possible to enrich rooms by lending a touch of elegance that can be further enhanced by light fittings that call attention to the reflections in the floor.

Any sensation of cold can be mitigated by using warm and welcoming carpets that work well aesthetically with the veins and patterns in the marble.