Red Cementine Tiles Tiles

Marazzi Advice

Cement tile effect porcelain stoneware is also very attractive in shades of red. Red cement tiles are available both in solid colour and decorated with inlaid multicolour geometrical shapes. The size is the traditional square 20x20 cm, but it can be customised with Marazzi’s iconic “four curve tile”.

The decorative motifs of bygone days also feature in red cement tiles in granulated marble-effect stoneware, which differ from the standard cement tiles by simulating small fragments of stone. Cement tile effect porcelain stoneware in shades of red can be used for both floor and wall coverings.

Ceramic wall tiles can be quite similar in appearance to red stoneware cement tiles: they are also available in red, with jacquard or azulejo patterns, or with stylised designs that evoke the motifs of traditional cement tiles. Red cement tiles are perfect in the kitchen, but they also fit attractively into the bathroom, the bedroom, the lounge, or a public venue.

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