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Outdoor tiles: gardens and terraces

Absolute strength, timeless reliability. Marazzi outdoor floor and wall tiles are unique ideas, suitable for any type of outdoor solution. Explore the tiles in all the looks available.

Marazzi Advice

Outdoor paving is severely tested by various factors: passing people and vehicles, rain, frost and temperature change. Consequently, the essential requirements of an outdoor tileare durability, high resistance to wear, low water absorption, insensitivity to temperature change and frost, an anti-slip surface and resistance to chemical agents. Thanks to its compact, vitrified structure, porcelain stoneware in particular offers all these characteristics, which make it a suitable material for outdoor paving.

When it comes to outdoor paving, Marazzi has a wide range of materials for paving walkways, driveways, gardens, terraces, porches, access stairs and garages, both for private homes and for commercial or office areas.

Solutions for outdoor paving range, with many dimensional variants, from small to medium and large sizes. The choice depends on the characteristics of the installed surface – levelled floor, grass, gravel etc. – and also on the desired aesthetic result. In this regard, the Marazzi collections offer a variety of colours and finishes to satisfy different tastes and stylistic choices: from classic to contemporary, rustic and minimal. Additionally, porcelain stoneware makes it possible to create floors with a wood, stone, slate, marble, concrete, terracotta or resin effect with an incredibly realistic appearance and all the advantages of the resistance and practicality of stoneware.

Many of Marazzi’s porcelain stoneware collections also feature extra-thick (20 mm) tiles, specifically designed for outdoor paving. It is therefore possible to use the same covering, creating continuity between indoors and outdoors. In addition, for outdoor tiles, you can also opt for high-performance technical porcelain stoneware.

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